My work is an ongoing, ever evolving expression of the Divine.


Standing before a blank surface, I acknowledge our partnership and ask, “Show me something of myself that I’ve never seen reflected," thus the dance begins.  

Working as a collaborator with my materials, I surrender to the possibilities of this multi-sensual adventure.  Not content to limit myself to one medium, I create a visual dance upon a plaster surface using oil, pastel, acrylic, crayon, pencil, chalk and found materials.  My process is one of building, layering and sanding which allows previously applied color and texture to reveal itself.  Attracted to surface color and texture equally; I make tactile as well as visual decisions as each piece moves toward completion.  My work changes with the light of day, the seasons- and most of all your involvement.  A piece is not complete until it has found its right home.  Each piece is a living manifestation of my most personal self and my relationship to the world at large.

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