Walking through the woods or on a beach, I put out a call, “what wants to come back with me to be given new life as a work of art?”  I then keep my eyes and heart open to what responds.  Materials then reveal themselves that I might have otherwise overlooked or ignored had I not first put out that call.  Only working with materials that have been left for dead, my work speaks of resurrection, rebirth and ascension.


As I peel away the outer, often times rotted husk of a limb or branch, I expose the heart of the wood.  With loving care I sand and oil each piece; restoring its natural beauty.  I am humbled by this process and filled with gratitude at the connection I have with the natural world.  This work serves as a personal reminder and metaphor, that beneath my outer husk is great beauty waiting to be revealed through loving kindness.


Through creativity, I lose myself to clarity