We become dis-empowered when we value

the opinion of another over our own experience.


Silent Night

Filled with foggy light

I found the perfect branch


All my work is meant to be touched

Welcome to my world.  This site was born from my desire to create a global community through visual musings and heart felt meanderings.  It is my way of moving out of the solitary environment of the studio and into the world at large.  More importantly, the site is a means through which I may honor my chosen life path; and a way of extending gratitude to my materials and their willingness to join me on this journey.  I have always known that all life is conscious, alive and will always communicate through an open heart.  I am but a collaborator in the crafting of the work.  My materials and I have come together by mutual consent and agreement.  I orchestrate the creating of each piece as a conductor.


I am brought to my knees by the most humble of materials; a broken branch, particular stone or shell.  I am grateful at the way I interact with the natural world.  I approach the natural world in a state of reverence - and a willingness to play.  The creative life is an adventurous one.  Basketry, bead work and wood craft are my inbreath.  The way in which I most nourish myself.  The paintings are my outbreath.  I breath in subtlety and noble humility and breath out boldness and vitality.  This is my attempt to live in balance.  Included on these pages are images of available work, works that have found their home, and some images just for shear visual poetry.  A visual memoir.



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An exhibition of wood works, mixed media and paintings in the Warner Gallery of the Millbrook School, Millbrook, New York. February 13-March 8.  Please join me at the reception, February 19th 5:30-7:30  














Photo by Daniela Reinsch


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Taking the Long Way Home : A Visual Memoir

March 28, 2015

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